eMarketing and Online Solutions

eMarketing and Online Solutions examples
eMarketing and Online Solutions

eMarketing and Online Solutions

KKP offers Email Marketing solutions to build your business.  We have the resources to design and distribute your next campaign.

Email Marketing includes Promotions, Newsletters, Invitations, Announcements, Surveys

  • Template driven with ability to customize images, logos, colours, fonts, etc.
  • Preview and Test abilities
  • Automatic Scheduling
  • List Management
  • Understand the priority for an accurate list with fully-featured Email List Management
  • Create an unlimited number of email lists within your account
  • Store additional contact information like addresses and phone numbers
  • Manage your Email Marketing lists—add, delete, and update with ease
  • Group your contacts by location, interest, or any other criteria that you choose
  • Build audience trust with unsubscribe option
  • See which email addresses bounced and remove them
  • Learn why your readers unsubscribe with Unsubscribe Comment Box

Tracking... Real-time email tracking and reporting lets you:

  • Know how many emails were delivered
  • Which addresses bounced and why
  • Who opened your email
  • Which links generated the most interest

This valuable information will help you to determine your contacts' interests, the best day and time to send your email campaigns and much more!  Measure the effectiveness of different promotions easily.  Contact KKP to walk you through our emarketing and Online Solutions.


KKP is professional, high quality, fairly priced, punctual, and reliable. I highly recommend KKP for their printing services and customer service.
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Whether I need 1 print or 10,000, and whether I need them today or next week, they always come through.
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